Wednesday, August 18, 2010


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These caps have fascinated me since childhood. My grandmother always used Palmolive. I had no idea it was two words spliced together.

I would stand on a chair and help my great grandmother wash the dishes after a Sunday meal. Everyone said I would fall off, she said otherwise.

I fell off.

My lip split!

The doctor was called and we went to his office, in his home!

They were not anesthesia friendly in those days, even less child friendly. I stood at his knee while he stitched my lip. I felt the needle go in and out, and it hurt very much. I still have the scar, though not really visible unless I tuck my tongue there, pushing out so you can see the silver line.

Omi was appalled to have let me fall. She fed me lots of jello and milkshakes for several days. I was very happy.

It was worth it.

I love dish soap...and their special caps.


koffiekitten said...

wow, a total new concept on the 2 words, also never thought about it.

vika said...

Ha! I'm always surprised to suddenly realize the references in product names. I always saw this as one word...funny blindness!

(Thanks for stopping by ;) )