Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Doors of Tripoli Series

The Doors of Tripoli Series
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Fired last night, kiln opening this morning. They are in the same positions as in the last two photos, when they were green, unfired. There are three additional buttons here: the influence got into my other work.

These were inspired by Hibo's photos of the Old Doors of Tripoli, on FaceBook.

As Sue Michael reminded me, buttons are like doors. Another friend responded by acknowledging their role, for women, as a fastener of clothing, a keeper of person: our safety.

I had a hard time finishing these. I cried many times thinking of the women and children, waiting behind doors in Tripoli.


Susan Silver said...

Hey Victoria I love this set! You are an accomplished artist. I'll check out your Etsy shop soon. I was on the service but no one liked my wares. I was in a small niche, day of the dead inspired pop art.

What? said...

Thanks for the note, Susan! Truly, this and the Japan set have been an awakening.

No one liked your wares? A lot of mine over the years, not either. I've walked up to art in various forms, and away, numerous times, before being where I am right now. In the beginning (the first times this happened), I thought, "Oh, it's dead." Fini. But, then it came back alive. Roots grow in the fall and's essential. I wouldn't ever decided "it didn't work" just yet ;)