Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Holiday Gifts (kinda)

As a mom and an artist, I'm pulled in so many different directions, I don't always get a long stretch of time to muddle or to spruce up webpages...or studio space...or bookshelves... (you get it). As a result, holidays--especially the ones where The Teenager gets on a train and goes to visit her sister 150 miles away--are invariably days of intense work for me. I stay up too late, eat too irregularly, but I get a lot done.

In 2005, I threw up a quick tutorial on how to make sterling earwires, using a pair of pliers and an ink pen. It turns out that page alone probably gets more visitors than any other, on any of my websites. I've been meaning to clean it up for a long was done "down and dirty," with a view toward usefulness, definitely not beauty!

I cleaned it up a bit, today, and thought I'd share it...with the price of sterling these days, you really should DIY

Earwire Tutorial

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