Monday, September 13, 2010

Fall 2010 New Buttons

Fall 2010 New Buttons
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A small portion of the latest kiln load, one that included pendants, fibulae and tiles, as well as these new button designs.

You might notice the glaze on the button on the lower right that appears to have some blue in it. In reality, there is no blue there, at all.

The color you see is a function of the refractory properties of rutile, or titanium oxide.

The same ore of titanium causes the effects seen in natural stones: the cat's eye and the asterisms, or stars, found in sapphires and rubies.

And, yes, if you know stones, it is also the source of the golden needles seen in rutilated quartz.


mugmkr said...

Your buttons are gorgeous!!! How can they be purchased?

vika said...

Hi Owen! How's it going? It's good to "see" you here.

I've finally committed to Etsy, been busy photographing and uploading this last week. The lovely stuff is here:

Thanks for your appreciative comment...keeps me going!