Saturday, September 4, 2010

Not Trader Joe's?

I was shocked and sobered to read about Trader Joe's lack of response to the opportunities outlined in this article.

As a result, I went to their contact page and submitted a letter, beginning with the paragraph, above, and continuing with what follows:

As a counselor for one of the largest hospitals in this area during the late eighties, I personally witnessed the effects of poor labor practices, lack of protections and inadequate wages on agricultural workers and their families. Their lack of legal and labor status is mentally, physically and socially debilitating.

You do have the power to make a change, and so do I. I didn't realize the good prices were being had on my neighbors' backs. I can't in good conscience continue to shop at Trader Joe's and won't until this changes. I've passed the article along to friends on twitter, FaceBook and my blog; I know it will matter to them, too.

Our children go to school together and we all live together. It does matter; it's a good decision. I hope Trader Joe's will see it that way and make its own good decision, quickly.

Best Regards,

Victoria Cochran

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