Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Blues Portal in Progress

Another Portal
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I make these mosaic works using my own handmade porcelain tiles, glass shards that have been remelted in the kiln, dish fragments and repurposed microwave turntables.

I usually decide what my border will be, set it, and the design takes off from there. I don't have a plan. However, I'm influenced--I love Central Asian tile work patterns and colors.

I like creating them in microwave turntable plates because it allows the light to shine through the glass tiles, plus, I like knowing the old turntables haven't become trash but something valuable again. I also fire the majority of my tiles only once, to conserve energy.

These are lovely for display, or as insets for a tiled wall, portal, or table.

This one is in process, partially set and still ungrouted.

15" Diameter