Monday, July 20, 2009

Arrested for Irate Speech, at Home (while being Black)

Black scholar's arrest raises profiling questions - Yahoo! News

Let's put this into perspective.

First, somebody better explain to me how you get arrested for being irate. If Professor Gates did not hit the officer, threaten to hit him, or cuss at him, where is the cause for arrest? Being aggravated? Talking loudly? Being irate?

Protesters are irate and vocally assert their rights, in public. They even shake their fists and wave their arms. They are not arrested. This man was irate over his rights, in his own home, for good reason, and, if the accounts are accurate, he apparently expressed himself on the subject.

When I realize I've made a mistake, I apologize and attempt to make it right. As a public servant, that's what the officer should have done, immediately. The fact that he did something other than the right thing, puts the whole thing into perspective.