Monday, September 3, 2012

My Zinnia Button Becomes a Chanel Camellia

Ceramic Button: Zinnia in Stoneware
A few months ago, at my Etsy shop, I was contacted by a seamstress. She had purchased a unique item, my single-hole Zinnia button, in black basaltic stoneware. She shared with me that she planned to make a Chanel inspired brooch and add it to a wool suit ensemble. The wool fabric she'd chosen was being handwoven by another artist.

I was very intrigued.

After she'd received the button, I received a link to a picture of the button, along with the handwoven fabric. She also informed me that her plan was to enter the finished suit in this year's Make It With Wool competition. I had imagined the button as jewelry or as a button on a suit, but it had never occurred to me it might become something more.

The suit is now well under way and this last week, I received a link to the picture of the completed brooch. I think my mouth fell open; it is just gorgeous. I've included two pictures here so you can see it on the suit (at left) but also get a close up view of her work (at right).

For those of you working in metal and paper, you might want to click on the first photo and then see the link she provides to the tutorial used as inspiration and guidance--her plan was very well thought out.

Design, details, construction...this is just superb work. I am in awe.