Thursday, September 4, 2014

Terror Groups and Crime? Or, The Border Patrol and Crime?

Developing nations are ripe for transnational crime?

What about the convergence of TOC (Transnational Organized Crime, not Table of Contents) with US finance, corporations, oil, and state security departments?

The US Border Patrol is part of  US Homeland Security. The Border Patrol's infiltration is already documented. There are multiple documented instances of US finance being infiltrated. If finance is infiltrated, corporate infiltration must be assumed. This allows crime dollars to flow straight into American politics and elections. Who's buying our elections? Can we begin to seriously worry about a judiciary that favors corporations and those promoting opaque campaign monies? Can we count inexplicable judicial and executive decisions as early red flags of criminal infiltration, and extortion?

The threats that comprise extortion need not be explicit, or even conscious, among those familiar with the cost.

How are we talking about developing nations, when our own financial institutions and state security organizations have already closed deals?

A Look at Why Organized Crime and Terror Groups are Converging

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